Monday, March 14, 2011


I've got a helper!  Horray!  Victory!  
When my #2 found out that my #3 was going to be a girl, she freaked out.  
We purposely brought her along for the ultrasound, and when the technician announced that #3 WAS a girl there was a sigh of relief in the room.  #2 insisted that I have another girl from the get go.  If my #3 was to turn out to be a boy, then my #2 was going to run away from home.  Not really, but she would have at least threatened it.  
Ever since #3 was born, my daughter has been nothing but a big helper.  She wants to help with the diapers, feeding, and the holding all the time.  I  can even count on her to sit next to the baby when she is fussy and give her her pacifier whenever she spits it out.  Love it!  She is so in love with her little sister, and it is the sweetest thing.  So far, having 2 girls has been such a blessing.  We will see how I feel about that when my #3 is older and they are arguing over clothes and other petty sisterly things.  

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