Friday, March 11, 2011

A little pampering....

Don't mind the retarded phone pic and smudgy mirror
Today I got my hair cut.  I know...I know...big deal.  Well for me it is.  I haven't had my hair  cut since December 8, 2010.  The fact that I can remember the actual date is really really pathetic and sad.
These days I haven't had any time to myself.  I mean NONE!  I am surrounded by my children for all but 8-10 hours a day.  The 8-10 hours that they are not smothering me is spent sleeping.  Don't get me wrong, I love love love my kids and they make me so happy.  However, I AM a human being, and most human beings need a little alone time.  So today at 9am, I hopped in my car all by myself, and drove 15 minutes to see my friend Amy.  Amy is awesome!  She's little, funny, cute, and she cuts my hairs real nice.  I got to spend a good hour sans children, and it was perfect.  I think that I should do it more often.  Maybe next time I'll go to the book store and read a book BY MYSELF.  I could go to Starbucks and have some chai BY MYSELF.  Or, or ooor, I could got shopping for MYSELF BY MYSELF.  What a neat concept.  
 Now I have to sit down, talk with the hubs and work something out with his schedule, so that I can have some alone time on a regular basis.  The fact that I have to do that is, again, really really pathetic and sad.  
I dos what I gots to dos.  

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