Friday, March 4, 2011

Oooooh CRAP!

My Daughter:
There she be
She is a miniature version of me, I swear.
She is exactly what I was like when I was five. Sensative, caring, hilarious, tender, sweet, a social butterfly, and above all else....duhn duhn duhn...she's boy crazy!
Dear Lord, help us all!
See that little boy next to her in the picture okay you really can't "see" him, but you know that he's there!  We'll call him Booger Breath.  Booger Breath there is the topic of many a conversation when I pick her up from school.  Apparently, Booger Breath, likes to push my daughter and call her names.  Apparently, Booger Breath's favorite color is blue, and my daughter insists on wearing blue because Booger Breath "likes it".  
I am so rolling my eyes right now.  Worst of all, despite all of his efforts, Booger Breath can't stop my daughter from liking him.  This fact disturbs my hubby and I.  We've talked to her about this, and aside from Justin Beiber, Booger Breath is her new crush.  So this leads us to believe that at some point in our lives probably when she's approaching teenager doom we are going to have to pack up everything and move to a very rural part of the US just to get our daughter away from all Booger Breaths alike.  Or just lock her in a closet, and let her out when she's 25.  Which ever is fine by me.  

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  1. Your in trouble girlie. 2 girls and a big brother... fun times ahead!