Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girl Day

On occasion my daughter and I will have what we lovingly call a "girl day".  These are times where we are able to get away from the nose picking boys that we live with, and have a little alone time.  I surprise her with our girl days because, lets face it, there are very few surprises in life these days.  I took her to Disneyland.  The last time that we went to Disneyland together was over 2 years ago.  We have annual passes, but I was pregnant way back when and couldn't go on any of the rides.  Bummer, I know.  
I picked her up from school, and pretended to be running errands with her.  She was excited to run errands with me, but when she realized that we passed Target, the grocery store, and any other places that I run errands to, she got a little anxious.  I then had to tell her where we were going just to shut her up.  Needless to say, she flipped her lid.  
The day was perfect, aside from the crowd.  I mean, I felt like we were playing human bumper cars, it was so packed with people and strollers.  On top of that, there were a lot of sections of Disneyland that were under construction for what ever reason.  So we, meaning the crowd, were being herded like friggin cattle into narrow sections of the walkways.  It was a little annoying, but we did not let that deter us from our objective:  TO HAVE SOME ROCKIN GIRL TIME.  
We rode the following rides during the 6 hours that we were there:  the Monorail in and out of Disneyland, Toon Town's Gadget roller coaster, Columbia ship, Thunder Mountain, Snow White, and the Carousel.  We also watched the Star Wars Jedi Training thingy over there in Tomorrow Land.  On our way out, we waited in line for 45 minutes at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream shop for some awesome waffle cone action.  It WAS amazing!  Granted we didn't ride much given the amount of time that we were there, but all the lines were over 45 minutes of waiting time.  We decided to duck out early and not wait around for the fireworks which we've seen a million times before.  She did, however, get a toy.  We have never gotten our kids toys from Disneyland before because they are so stinkin over priced.  
Here she is with her gosh darn toy that she wouldn't stop bugging me about:
Today has taught me something.  If you have multiple kids, then it is imperative to spend some alone time with each one of them.  This makes them feel special and it reminds them of how important they are to you.  Some kids can start to feel lost when there are a lot of siblings around.  Especially when a new baby is added to the family.  I am constantly holding, feeding, changing, or trying to get my littlest one to sleep.  My poor daughter is told to wait a minute or do it herself multiple times a day.  
When we left Disneyland today she told me twice that she loved me and that she had so much fun with me.  This warms my heart so much, and it makes me want to already plan our next Girl Day.  

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  1. I love her sweet face, you can tell how much she loved your rockin girl time :) you are such an awesome momma!