Friday, March 25, 2011

Natalie's Sweet Iced Tea

So many people throughout the years have had the pleasure of drinking my sweet iced tea.  Tea is not hard to make, but it is easy to screw up.  Here is how I make my sweet iced tea.  Enjoy!

Natalie's Sweet Iced Tea

5 regular sized, black tea bags 
10 cup coffee maker yes I said a coffee maker
1 cup of good ol sugar
1 gallon pitcher

Step 1:  Fill up the coffee pot to the 7 cup mark with water and pour it into your  coffee maker
Step 2:  Take the 5 tea bags out of their wrappers, and put them in the coffee filter section of your coffee maker.  Make sure that strings and papers to your tea bags are hanging out of the coffee filter section.  
Step 3:  Turn that coffee pot on, gosh darn it.
Step 4:  Once the tea is finished brewing through the coffee pot, let the tea steep in the coffee pot for 
15-20 minutes.  
Don't jump the gun here and get antsy.  Let it sit for a while and marinate.  It makes a me
Step 5:  Pour the 1 cup of sugar into the gallon pitcher.
Step 6:  Pour the tea on top of that sweet sweet sugar and stir it around until the sugar is dissolved.  
Step 7:  Fill the rest of the pitcher up with water.
Step 8:  Drink that yummy goodness on ice!  

Your welcome, people!  Love you!

PS:  Day old sweet tea is the BEST!  So if you want to make this a day ahead of drinking it, then go right ahead and do that.  No one is stopping you.  

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