Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Things: Duchess Edition

My Dog!
10 Things About Duchess:
  1. I got her for free from a family that had 4 lap dogs, and her owner lady decided that she didn't like "big" dogs.  Her loss!
  2. She was extremely over weight.  We're talking 20 or so lbs. here, people
  3. She's 7 years old which makes her 49 years old in human years
  4. She scared off the gophers that tried to live in our backyard by sticking her large melon down their gopher holes.  Thank you very mucho!
  5. I constantly trip over her because she follows me around the house.  Even when she's asleep, if she hears me get up and go to the bathroom, she will then proceed to follow me to the bathroom.
  6. She gets scared when the electricity goes off in our house.  So scared that she will try, by any means necessary, to get out of the house. For instance, she tried to claw her way of one of our windows and ruined my aluminum blinds.
  7. She doesn't jump up on people, or on the furniture.  Score!
  8. She will climb out of the upstairs windows when we leave the house, and jump off of our roof.  She's done it thrice.  Thank goodness for the veterinarian who lives across the street who assessed her potential injuries for freeeee.
  9. She sleeps in my son's bed and gets her nasty hair EVERYWHERE. 
  10. When she goes all day without being fed, she will eat the trash in my bathroom and get toilet paper and other "special" things all over my bedroom floor.

Despite her retardedness, I still love her.  She's mine, and I would never give her away in the Penny Saver like her previous idiot owner did.

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