Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!!!

In honor of the recent Royal Wedding, here's me and my Prince Charming
Sigh!  Almost 11 years ago we got hitched in Texas.  Granted, my wedding was the complete opposite of what the "royal wedding" was like, but I'll never forget marrying my best friend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter was so great.  Even though we were not in Texas celebrating it with my folks which is what I always prefer to do, it was still really really nice.  
We tried something a little different this year with my kids because I was determined for them to understand the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it.  I was tired of some stupid bunny getting all the credit.  So, during my Mom2Mom class at church we made something called Resurrection Eggs.  You take 12 plastic eggs, number them, and then fill them with items that you can use to help describe the events leading up to Jesus's death and His resurrection.  There is a story and versus that go along with it.  So you start opening them 12 days before Easter, one egg a day.  My kiddos loved it!  We had a few difficulties with it because they would argue and elbow each other over who gets to open the eggs, but I whipped out the wooden spoon and forced them to enjoyed it.  
What also made it great was that they had a 3 day weekend.  Ahhh, furlough days!  Bad for the teachers, good for the kiddos.  
Our church had a good Friday service that we went to.  I had all 3 kids sit with me so that my oldest ones could hopefully learn something.  The service was very intense and moving.  My #1 son payed close attention to what was going on, and he had quit a few questions.  Which was what I was hoping for.  
Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt at our church.  There were so many people there that they only had about 1/3 of the eggs need to accommodate everyone.  When it was time for the egg hunt, my kids were told to only get 4 eggs, and that's it.  Whaaaat? I  couldn't believe it!  We waited for an hour for the hunt to start, and they only hunted for 2 minutes.  It was totally ridiculous, but they loved it.  Hopefully, it will be different next year.  Our church is so mega, that they only have to announce that they need eggs from the podium once, and their order will be filled immediately.  We have such faithful, giving people who attend our church that it's wonderful.  
Sunday, finally rolled around and we made the early service in a mad dash.  During my morning cray-cray at our house, I was able to snag these pictures of my kids in their Sunday best.

Aren't they beautiful?!

We had a fantastic and full Easter service.  All the seats in the 3000 seat auditorium were taken, and there was a lot of people sitting on the steps and breaking the fire code.  Oh well!  Tons of people came to know Jesus that day and even more were Baptized.  We then inched through the enormous crowd, made it back to our car and went home for lunch.  I had the in-laws over for some pot roast and we all watched The King's Speech which is a great movie by the way
Later on that evening we drove over to the in-law's house and had dinner and another Easter egg hunt for all the snotty nosed punk-a-roos.  They enjoyed this much more because they didn't have to fight a bunch of older kids for the goods.  All the adults played Rock Band, and I quickly realized that I suck at it.  First time was not a charm apparently.  It did give me a good laugh though.  So it was worth the humiliation.
All in all, it was a great Easter/3 day weekend.  Full of good memories, which are my most cherished things.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm sorry........

I haven't blogged in a while now.  That is probably due to the annoying fact that I have zero time to myself these days.  My baby isn't sleeping as much anymore, so she's always with me unless it's 8pm and she's down for the night.  After that, I only have about an hour to watch TV or read a book and then I'm down for the count.  
I've been really emotional lately too.  So maybe it's a good thing that I haven't blogged because all of my blogs would have consisted of me ranting about how I'm not loosing weight on this craptastic diet that I'm on.  
I want so badly to weigh what I did before my last pregnancy, but it seems like my body wont even let me loose a single pound.  I lost 5 in the first week, and since then...NOTHING!  I am so livid!  
Meanwhile, my sweet husband who needs to loose way more weight than I do, is loosing about a pound a day.  He gets on the scale every morning and announced proudly that he's "lost another one".  I am so happy for him, but I can't help but feel defeated.  For the past week, I've started every morning off with feeling defeated as I get off of the scale.  
I have very well meaning friends trying to give me advice.  Telling me that I should exercise more and what not.  To be honest, I don't have time to exercise any more than taking about a 2 mile walk at the butt crack of dawn with my dog.  
I don't know what to do.  I want to stay on this diet. However,  if I don't loose another pound by next Monday, then I am going to assume that this diet is not working for me at all, and that I should try something else.  Next Monday will mark 3 weeks of me being on this annoying, can't eat anything but salad and barf-a-rific carb-control shakes, diet.  Fingers crossed!  

Again...I'm sorry!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dieting Blues

So my hubby and I are on a diet together.  We've never done this before and we have no idea how it's going to go.  My hubby wants to loose a substantial amount of weight, while I just want to shed my baby weight.  I am hoping that we can pull through this and meet our goals. 
 However, being on this diet is driving me crazy. The fact that I can't eat what ever I want makes me want to eat them even more.  For example:  I would not normally eat Fruity Pebbles, but because I can't have them I want to steal them from my kids and snarf them down my throat.  I feel like a lunatic. This has become so annoying to me, because I am battling with myself on a daily basis.  I keep telling myself that if I'm going to cheat then I'm going to cheat with something really really good.  Like double fudge chocolate cake, or something of that nature.  Mmmmmmm...chocolate.  

Please pray for me!  Seriously!  I'm going to need it.  

Surprisingly, my hubby seems to be doing pretty well with it.  He has always been a meat and cheese kind of guy.  He's had 4 days without cheese and it's gone pretty well so far.  He seems optimistic, and that makes me optimistic.  

Here's what I am doing:  
1 EAS Carb-Control shake in the morning
Unlimited salad and 1 EAS Carb-Control shake for lunch
1 Pure Protein bar for a snack
Unlimited salad and 7oz of meat for dinner.
Plus, I drink as much water as I can throughout the day.  I usually exceed 64 oz

That's it!  I am hoping to shed my weight (ahem..30 lbs) quickly, so that I can eat some FREAKIN CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Pray for me!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I say, "Poo on Wally World!"

I will forewarn you that this is a blog where I am ranting because I have nothing else to talk about except my current annoyances.  If you don't want to read this, then turn away now!  Right now!

Oh my gosh, Walmart suuucks!  We have not been into our local Walmart in forever because we love our Target so much.  So, when we couldn't find the vitamins that we needed at Target, we decided to brave the Walmart.  Let me just say that it was such an annoying experience.  

First off, we had all 3 punk-a-roos with us, and our eldest 2 decided to not get along whilst in the store.  
Second, the isle that we had to squeeze all 5 of us down had a huge display of brooms standing right in the middle of it.  If someone else needed to walk down that isle, then our entire family had to move in front of the broom display just to accommodate the other Walmart patrons.  This happened almost every 30 seconds.  
Thirdly, I used the words, "Stop it!"  "Get back here!" "Stand still!" and "Be quiet!" about 1,438 times within the 10 minutes that we were standing there searching for the Omega 3, 6, 9.  

When I went into Walmart, I had high hopes of paroosing the entire store to see what was new in Wally World.  After our irritating trip down crammed isle #30, we immediately vacated the premises.  Oy!  

So my rant isn't necessarily brought on by how crammed the isle was, or the fact that they still did not have the vitamin that we needed.  It was really brought on by my kids and how when we are in public, they don't listen to me.  It is in these instances that I think that human muzzles should be used.  
Next time that I am forced to go into Walmart, I will be sure to go without my kids, and without my hubby who, unfortunately, has less patience than I do.  Bless his heart!