Saturday, March 5, 2011

Memaw's Pineapple Dream Pie

This pie is so good.  When I say that I mean it whole heartedly...with all that I am...from here to the moon.....yeeaahh, you get the picture. 

 Seriously, anything that comes from my Memaw's recipe drawer is a winner winner chicken dinner.

This pie is the perfect Spring/Summer dessert, and EVERYONE loves it.  If you don't then something is wrong with you.  Unless you don't like pineapple or are allergic, then I digress that last sentence. 

Memaw's Pineapple Dream Pie

2 graham cracker crust pie shells 
That's right!  This makes 2 pies.  One for now, and one for late night snackin.
1 lg. Can pineapple, crushed, do NOT drain.
1 16 oz sour cream
1 lg. extra creamy cool whip 
If you can't find extra creamy, then regular does just fine
1 lg. Pkg. Vanilla instant pudding.

Mix four ingredients together until well blended.  DO NOT BEAT Use a spatula or large spoon here, folks.  Pour into pie shells and refrigerate until cooled.  Usually about 3 hours does the trick.  

Enjoy!!!!! and Your Welcome


  1. pineapple dream pie before chocolate delight, something's wrong with this picture...

  2. Hahaha. I have yet to master chocolate delight. I don't have that recipe...yet.

  3. Your mother is objecting to your sharing this super secret recipe. Your know how she is about her recipes!

  4. She'll be fine, Dad. It's not like I'm telling everyone the secret to our cookies. That will stay on lock down. :-P