Friday, March 17, 2017

Oh my WORD!!!!

So let's state the obvious...I'm LAME.  It's not an opinion, it's a fact.  I have not blogged in years and I've certainly had a lot to blog about. I mean the last time that I blogged it was about us moving back to CA from Texas.  Which seems so long ago.  

Here's a quick life update: 
I had a 4th baby, her name is Iris
.....and she's the cutest.  
After living in California for 4 more years, we upped and moved to Arkansas of all places. It does look like this
 and this.

 Oh and I stopped homeschooling last year for reasons that I will reveal later on.

Phew!  So much more has happened and I'm sure that it will all come out in my future posts.  
Lets be honest, who reads blogs any more?  Everyone either has their own YouTube channel or does Facebook LiveStream.  Maybe I should look into that, but I don't think that I'm funny enough for that kind of show. 
This blog will now transform into something resembling a diary for myself.  I'll post encouragements, and sometimes I'll rant on here in hopes that I don't offend anyone.  I love you all and here's to hoping that I don't forget about my little blog again.