Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where I find myself....

I love Target!
I do.  I would go there every day if I could.  I love their purses, shoes, women's clothing, children's clothing, and their Up and UP brand for everything under the Sun.  I go there first for everything.  I'm not trying to get them to sponsor me however, if they did then that would be awesome.  I am telling you that if you don't shop there then either you live very far away from a Target or that something must be missing from your life.  
I especially love it when there is a Starbucks inside of the Target.  OMG!  That might be my little slice of Heaven right here on Earth.  There is nothing sweeter well okay there might be sweeter things than walking around Target by myself whilst sipping an Iced Venti Soy Chai.  Sigh!  Just the thought makes me want to cry. 

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