Saturday, April 2, 2011

I say, "Poo on Wally World!"

I will forewarn you that this is a blog where I am ranting because I have nothing else to talk about except my current annoyances.  If you don't want to read this, then turn away now!  Right now!

Oh my gosh, Walmart suuucks!  We have not been into our local Walmart in forever because we love our Target so much.  So, when we couldn't find the vitamins that we needed at Target, we decided to brave the Walmart.  Let me just say that it was such an annoying experience.  

First off, we had all 3 punk-a-roos with us, and our eldest 2 decided to not get along whilst in the store.  
Second, the isle that we had to squeeze all 5 of us down had a huge display of brooms standing right in the middle of it.  If someone else needed to walk down that isle, then our entire family had to move in front of the broom display just to accommodate the other Walmart patrons.  This happened almost every 30 seconds.  
Thirdly, I used the words, "Stop it!"  "Get back here!" "Stand still!" and "Be quiet!" about 1,438 times within the 10 minutes that we were standing there searching for the Omega 3, 6, 9.  

When I went into Walmart, I had high hopes of paroosing the entire store to see what was new in Wally World.  After our irritating trip down crammed isle #30, we immediately vacated the premises.  Oy!  

So my rant isn't necessarily brought on by how crammed the isle was, or the fact that they still did not have the vitamin that we needed.  It was really brought on by my kids and how when we are in public, they don't listen to me.  It is in these instances that I think that human muzzles should be used.  
Next time that I am forced to go into Walmart, I will be sure to go without my kids, and without my hubby who, unfortunately, has less patience than I do.  Bless his heart!

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