Saturday, August 27, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast :-(

The blessings and curses of being a Mother is seeing your kids grow up.  I am so proud of my little munchkins because it seems like they are taking on more responsibility every week.  However, seeing them getting older kind of breaks my heart a little because I want them around forever.  I don't want them to move away.  I want them to stay in my house....FOREVER.  That's not realistic, and I know that, but come on!  Can't a Mother dream?
My son...has taken to the role of being the big brother like nothing that I've ever seen before.  He is always willing to go and check on his sisters and help them out with whatever they need.  He's constantly looking over my #2's shoulder, making sure that she is doing things the right way.  It drives her bonkers too.  She says that she likes to do things herself, but she is so quick to run to him for help.  I also can bare witness to him taking care of his youngest sister.  He can't stand to see her cry, and when she fusses after she wakes up from her naps, he is ALWAYS the first one in her room.  She reaches out to him, and he picks her up right on out of her crib.  He even feeds her for me on occasion (like when I'm driving and she's starving).  I love it!  I can literally see him becoming a man....a good man.  He's only 9 for pete's sake!  
My #2 is growing up waaay too fast.  She has already well developed crushes on Justin Beiber.  She probably has crushes on some of those Disney Chanel kids who, in real life, are still milking it for all that it's worth even though they are in college already.  This makes me nervous, but to be honest I'm not surprised.  I had "boyfriends" when I was in kindergarten.  At least I think that I did.  Ehh!  She wants to help me all the time, which is great, but most of the time her helping just translates into being in my way.  I have given her a little chore which she hasn't started complaining about yet.  
Scrub Scrub Scrub, little one!
She loves to play with my hair and put on makeup.  Oh my goodness!  It's hard for me to breath when I think about her being a teenager.  She might be a little high maintenance.  Oy!  

The thing that I do love the most about them getting older is how inquisitive they are.  They are ALWAYS asking questions about God, Jesus, yes even death because they are interested in Heaven.  They are always talking about other people and what they are going through.  I love hearing them speak what's on their hearts.  When they are able to set aside themselves and focus on others, I can see that they truly do have giving hearts.  This makes me so happy and proud.  I know that when they get older and they harness their giving spirits, then God is going to bless them abundantly.  I can't wait!

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