Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The things that I like about Summer....

Summer has officially hit Southern California.  Blek!  Yuck!  Barf!  
I hate the heat with a capital H A T E!  
My hubby and I are more Fall/Winter people.  We love the cool weather with a capital L O V E.

There are a few things that I DO like about Summer though.  
I like spending tons of time with all 3 of my punk-a-roos.
I like the cool evenings
I like air conditioning
I like coming up with new things to keep my kids occupied
I like July 4th one of my most favorite holidays
And my most favorite thing is going on vacation to Texas

Granted, the heat in Texas is just a intense and annoying, but my folks are there.
This year the kids and I are flying (thank you, Dad) to Austin, and we are going to stay there for the ENTIRE month of July.

I am hoping to cram in a few of my favorite things to do in Texas during that month.  
I like eating BBQ  from Rudy's
I like eating steak at Texas Land and Cattle
I like cruising on Lake Travis
I like fishing
I like shopping with my Mom
I like TXRD at least I think that I would like it.
  I've never seen roller derby and I've always wanted to.  This just might be the year!
I like exploring downtown Austin
I like staying up late around a bonfire
I like visiting with my brothers and their significant others
I like seeing all of my nieces and nephews
I like visiting the small church that my brother goes to
I like Blue Bell Ice Cream
I like sitting down with my Memaw and listen to her tell the same stories over and over again
I like seeing my best friend Dawn Marie who just so happens to be visiting Texas at the same time that I am.  Horray!
I also like catching up with some of my ol California buddies that moved to Austin almost a year ago....not fair

That's all that I can think of right now.  If you can think of some other things that you know that I like about Summer then please add them in to the Comment section.  

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