Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girl Day at Disneyland

Yesterday my sweet little #2 and I woke up super early.  Not because we are insane, but because we had a plan.  A plan to go to Disneyland without the boys...and the without the baby, of course.  Duh!  

My sister in law picked us up around 7:15am, and we headed out completely bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Unbeknownst to us, the traffic that we were driving into was a complete nightmare.  As we inched along the freeway to our destination, my daughter and her cousin (my niece) laughed and played the entire time.  I couldn't imagine them having more fun than what they were experiencing in the back seat by making faces at each other.  

After an hour past our anticipated arrival time, we finally drove into the parking complex at Disneyland.  The little girls were ready to go.  They planned on riding Star Tours right off the bat.  Disneyland had redesigned this ride and we've have been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be unveiled.  Well, to our utter dismay the line for this particular ride as 3 freaking hours and 20 minutes long.  It looks like everyone on the planet and their dog were also waiting and waiting and waiting for this ride to be unveiled too.  Needless to say, we will be waiting a few months for the line to die down so that we can ride this ride.  Dang it!  

The girls recovered from their "dismay", and all 4 of us pushed on through the intense crowd.  As the day went on we rode tons of rides.  My daughter even got to ride some rides that she's never been on before.  We've gone to Disneyland almost 100 times (thank you season passes!) and she's never been on Indiana Jones or Splash Mountain.  Thanks to some thinking ahead, I purchased some flip flops that had about 2 inches of foam on the bottom of them, and this made her tall enough to ride that dang Indiana Jones.  She loved it so much that we had to ride it twice before leaving.  Fantastic!  
Yesterday was so much fun, and I hope to be able to escape again with my daughter to Disneyland very soon.  

Here's a few pictures so that you can share in our fun:
Carousel fun

The funky wet ball thingy in Tomorrow Land

Being treated like animals on K.C. Junior

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