Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weddings + Las Vegas = A Pretty Cool Time

My hubby has been working so hard lately.  His company does sound consulting and instillations for churches around southern California, and he works part time at our church at the Sound and Lighting Pastor.  On Friday, he finally wrapped up a looong instillation and was very much looking forward to relaxing.  However, when Saturday came a knocking, he drug himself out of bed to drive me to Las Vegas for a very special occasion.  
My big brother was getting married!!!

Phillip is my second oldest brother yes, I am the youngest of 3 AND the only girl, and I love him so so much.  He's been through a lot in his 35 years of existence, and we...his family...want him to be nothing but happy.  Well, he finally met a winner.  That winner's name is Annie.  She's beautiful, calm, cool, collected, goes with the flow, and is not high maintenance.  Most importantly she thinks the world of my big brother.  
What I love most about my brother is that he has always had the best sense of humor.  Sometimes it's a little "in the gutter", but hey, who doesn't have their moments of "in the gutter"?  He and Annie's sense of humor is what steared them to get married at The Elvis Chapel, by...wait for it...ELVIS!  

When my hubby and I arrived we went in and sat down in this teeny tiny little white room.  It was a little dated, and had your typical white wedding slatted arch decorated with fake vines and flowers.  Then Elvis appeared.  He was so nice and came over to shake our hands.  My hubby and I could not stop laughing.  It wasn't a making-fun laugh, it was a so-awesome-that-it-makes-you-giggle laugh.  
 Phillip and Annie came in, gave us hugs, and then Phillip took his place at the alter.  Elvis, then proceeded to walk Annie down the aisle while singing an Elvis tune that I've never heard before.  Sorry to all of those Elvis fans out there, but I'm not hip to the Elvis tunes.  

Annie had the biggest grin on her face and it made her glow.  Phillip might have been crying, but it was hard to tell because he too was glowing with excitement.  I, however, was crying despite all the hip shaking that the Elvis officiator was doing.  The ceremony was so sweet and wonderful.  I laughed, cried, and even danced.  That's right, since hubby and I were in the wedding party,  Elvis asked us to dance after they said 'I DO!'.  It was so great.  I think that I may have looked more like Elaine from Seinfeld than Michail Baryshnikov.  I didn't care.  We were dancing for joy!  Woo hoo!

After the wedding was over and we signed as their witnesses, we gave them big ol congratulatory hugs and then sent them on their way to do whatever newly married people want to do.

Since we had a few more hours to kill before we needed to start heading back, we drove down the strip and ended up at the Luxor.  
I've never been to Vegas so it was interesting to see the things that I saw.  Being from the bible belt has allowed me and my 'baby eyes' to be sheltered from a few things.  Well, thanks to Vegas, I may have just seen it all.  As Phillip would say, "What IS illegal in Vegas?....Murder?" They don't call it Sin City for nothing, people.  
The Luxor had an amazing Titanic exhibit going on, and since hubby is a huge understatement of the century Titanic fan, we had to see it.  It was probably the best exhibit that I've ever been to.  They created a life like walking deck, bunk room for the 3rd class, Grand Staircase like the one that you see in the movie, and they even had an actual piece of the side of  Titanic ship hanging from the ceiling.  It was so cool to actually imagine being there.  
After all of that we discovered that we were starving.  So hubby treated me to an extremely overpriced steak house.  Yikes!  There's also a reason why we eat at Chili's on our date nights.   Next time, if there even IS a next time, we're hitting up the buffet.  

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