Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Things: My #2 Edition

10 Things

This is my #2.  This is what she looks like now. My beautiful California girl!

This is what she looked like a long time ago.  My little nose miner!
Those days are just a memory along with her baby mullet hair-do.

1. She loves Polly Pockets like no body's business.  Forget about Barbies, she wants things miniaturized.   

2. She HATES anything made of potatoes except for french fries.  Who's kid is she?  Right?  I mean come on!

3. She is obsessed with the ice cream truck, and will chase that darn truck for a few blocks if I'd let her.

4.  She occassionally whacks her big brother so hard on the back that it will make him cry.  Girl's got strength!

5. She loves to help me cook, and at times it's a bit trying.  I'm just afraid that she'll burn her little arms trying to maneuver around the stove.  I've even caught her trying to cut open a huge watermelon with a knife, and she exclaimed "Mommy, I GOT it!".  Scary!

6. She wants to be a chef when she grows up because, and I quote, she "Wants to cook for her Mommy all the time".  I've got noooo problem with that!

7.  She prayed for a little sister when I was pregnant.  Now that she has a little sister, she prays for her every night before bed.  It's the sweetest most endearing thing EVER.

8.  She likes to be tickled.  Not just a little bit, but a LOT.  She doesn't want you to stop tickling her.  Even if she yells, "STOP IT!", she really does not want you to stop.  When you do stop tickling her you can expect a little bit of whining to ensue.  

9.  She knows how to work the internet, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and iPod like a pro.  It's pathetic that she's so tech savvy already at age 5.   However, it was inevitable because her Daddy my hubs is a Mac FREAK!

10.  She says things like: "Mommy are you struhstraited?", "When are we going to move, because our house is old?", "This is boring boring boring!", and "Jesus came into my heart when I was in the bath tub.  I Baptized myself!"

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